Saturday, 3 November 2012

So, so sweet (Poem)

So, so sweet

My friend flaunts her figure in front of me                           
cute, clever cream curls on a cake catch my eye                   
black forest berries, brown chocolate, cherries                     
Dare I dream and desire, let the diet drift and die…            

It, stares back stoically and seems to smile                            
lustfully, longingly, my look full of love                              
calorie control curbs our encounter                           
will It make my backbone break, like a battered boxing-glove.                  

Sustaining my stance, I soldier on but                                   
surely a small sliver, just one simple slice                              
No remorse later, nor righteous regret,                                  
it’s just once, it’s not twice, it’s not thrice.                            

Sugar shouts shamefully, shows off its wares                       
and Trojan-like, tries for a truce, what a tease,                     
I falter, I fail, forever the fool,       
a paltry, puny, petty piece, just a taste, pretty please.


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